We, at A Sign of Excellence, have been designing, fabricating, and installing all  types of fine crafted signage since 1971.  During this time we have won numerous awards on national and regional levels for sign design.  Our company is noted for innovative use of materials and has pioneered a number of new signmaking techniques.  Our work has been featured dozens of times in trade journals that reach the entire English speaking world.

We can provide the "Splash" you need to set your property apart from all others. In addition to the finest main identification signage you can get anywhere, we can also provide a sign package tailored to YOUR specific needs.

In addition to our distinctive Redwood signage, we also offer the durable STONE AGE line of Granite, Marble, glass block or other masonry identification. All of these can be enhanced with the rich look of 23K Italian Gold leaf. Our masonry craftsmen are among the finest in North Texas.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your particular needs.


David M. Harding


Who are the owners of A Sign of Excellence?

David and Sophie Harding own A Sign of Excellence. Sophie no longer handles the day to day operations, although she serves well in keeping the company refrigerator and pantry stocked and also helps recycle company profits at the local Wal-Mart. David handles the daily grind and will answer most of the questions in the first person.

How did you get started in the sign business?

A broken leg got me started in the sign profession. I had been supporting my full time ministry by doing landscaping. In my late teens, I broke my leg playing soccer with a baseball at a driving range (yes–it’s a long story, besides that I was winning!) and was not able to mow lawns or plant shrubs for a while. A friend, Jim Sanders, who owned a sign service company, hired me to drive around at night spotting signs that had portions of the lighting not working properly. When my leg healed, he put me on a repair truck where I learned electrical service and crane operation, also gaining valuable experience in sign fabrication and installation. When I married Sophie, Jim did not have enough work to support us so I started working on my own.  It seemed kind of natural in some ways that I ended up in the sign trade since I have had, from an early age, a fascination with typefaces.  In high school, I would write notes that looked like they came from a typewriter.  I could duplicate any of the fonts that were commonly used at the time for typing.

When I was in school, I always enjoyed math and science classes more than anything. One of my all time favorite courses was high school chemistry. I thought I had found my secular calling. Imagine my laughter when an aptitude test said I would make a great bricklayer but a lousy chemist.  Fast forward three decades plus and sometimes, after hauling brick and stone samples around all day, I feel I could scratch my ankles without bending over.  Our company builds a fair amount of brick and stone monument signs, mostly for the apartment industry. Monument signs are my favorite medium because there are so many choices of material, shape and application.

Why did you name your company A Sign of Excellence?

I chose that name to illustrate the type of commitment to superb quality that drives us. We had already won a number of national and regional design awards and I thought that name told the story. We are artists and signs are our medium.  We hear many positive comments on our choice of company name.

What kinds of awards have you won?

We have won 14 national awards in contests sponsored by Signs of the Times magazine and Sign Business magazine. These magazines cover the entire English speaking world, so you could say our accolades are truly of an international nature. We have also secured numerous honors on a regional basis, such as Texas Sign Manufacturer's Association contests and we have also merited awards in metropolitan area apartment association competitions. For example, Indian Creek Apartments won the Greater Kansas City Apartment Association Crystal Award as "Best Sign Package".

Pictures of our work have been published over a hundred times in major trade magazines over the last 20 years and also appear in several coffee table type books on sign design. One of the leading periodicals has been asking me to write a monthly column for them for some time. I have many outlines prepared but have not yet had time to work the column into my schedule.

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Revised: May 14, 2001 .