Client:  Western Specialty Coatings

City:  Grand Prairie, TX 

Revised: May 04, 2001 .

This is my favorite sign of any we have built.  The regional manager showed me a drawing his architect had come up with.  It looked like a tombstone.  He said:  "We're a dull company, but not THAT dull!"  We designed this like a giant arrow growing out of the ground pointing at the building and utilized a Redwood tongue and groove background to tie in with the Redwood at the entryway.  Their logo was used as a focal point and was fabricated out of Aluminum with a 2" return.  The sign has brushed Aluminum trim and filler and the letters are cast Aluminum with brushed faces.  The stone wall hides fluorescent lighting which illuminated the sign.  The regional manager was over budget on the sign so he had me sell him the sign, the letters, the wall and the lights separately.  He told me truck drivers would stop in asking where he got the sign.  This sign has won two awards.