Client:  Bethel

City:  Brooklyn, NY 

Revised: May 04, 2001 .

In June, 1989, I was again accepted for a temporary construction assignment at Brooklyn Bethel.  One of the projects I worked on was applying Angel Gild 22K Gold leaf to this sign.  The design and sandblasting had already been done by the art staff at Bethel.

I flew up to New York in my small airplane.  On the way, the pressure difference caused all my Angel Gild chemicals to leak out of their containers.  I had empty bottles and a saturated box when I got there.  Anyone need a wet hunk of cardboard with $140.00 worth of Gold soaked in?  We made a quick trip to Art Essentials in Manhattan to restock the chemicals and were thus able to get this job done.

While I was up there, the Tianamen Square Massacre occurred in China, a real perspective adjuster.  Compared to what people were enduring over there, my losing $140.00 worth of Gold was nothing.

I will include here a link to two fine Gold leaf and Angel Gild suppliers.