Client:   Kit Carson Senior Citizen's Center

City:  Valley View, TX

Revised: August 03, 2001 .

Floyd "Kit" Carson was the flight engineer on my father's B-24 bomber crew in WWII.  He was a very kind hearted, generous person who spent much time and resources on the Valley View School District and also donated much of the time and expense to have a Senior Citizen's Center built for the citizens of Valley View.  Kit also donated the APU  for the "All American", a fully restored B-24.  The "All American" is the only extant flying B-24 restored in the bomber configuration.  Kit passed away in March, 2000.  His widow asked us to design a sign for the Senior Citizen's Center that was being named after him.  We superimposed a B-24 over the state of Texas.  Kit's flight engineer station is the location of the city of Valley View.  The complete sign will be viewed at a future link here.