Company:   Ted Prohaska

City:  Dallas, TX 

Revised: May 04, 2001 .


Ted Prohaska owns several body and paint shops in the Dallas area.  He also secured a patent on an automotive refinishing process.  We have built signs for his shops and also work closely with him in doing graphics for radio and television station vehicles.  His logo is his family coat of arms.  This coat of arms is 34" x 52" x 4" thick.  We had it hand carved and then used the carving as a mold to cast additional logos out of Aluminum and polyester for his shops.  The original hangs in his office.

When I asked Ted's son the significance of the various parts of the coat of arms he told me the knight's hand holding the acorns meant he would whack me with an Oak plank if I didn't stop asking silly questions and get back to work.