Radio Station:  Young Country  

City:   Dallas, TX

Revised: May 04, 2001 .

Armadillo is 4 color screen printed on vinyl applied to reflective vinyl shield with red reflective vinyl copy.  Young Country is screen printed on clear Mylar film with reflective red vinyl overlay.  105.3 is reflective vinyl.  This was a kind of a wild radio station.  While we were lettering their van, they had a promotion whereby they would give away a free T-shirt to anyone who called in, live on the air and smashed their windshield with a brick.  People were calling in from all over, pulverizing their company vehicle's windshields (I don't think anyone shattered their own).  I called them and said I had a company van and asked if I would get a T-shirt if I put a brick through the windshield.  They said: "Yes".  I said:  "It's YOUR van."  They responded:  "No, don't do it.  We'll give you a T-shirt, anyway."  I didn't and they did.

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